Bags this – 10 travel packing hints and tips

By Bev Malzard

Wanderlust Australia Tours

You are about to embark on a journey, a holiday, a coach trip and adventure . . . and you have to pack.

Rule number one – one suitcase – medium size.

Now, you’ve all travelled before and you know the drill, but we can all revisit some travel tips that may have worked in the past – or you haven’t tried it yet.

Wanderlust Australia Tours

10 tips to pack better than ever before


Just pack light. Everything on the bed, halve it and pack. Shame if the packed half ends up with all socks and belts . . .


For clothes it depends on the season, but think it through – and the solution to successful dressing is – layers. Light wool garments, cotton, linen if you can cope with ironing along the way, and you must have a fleecy hoodie – covers a multitude of fashion gaffs, and keeps you cosy and there’s the hood in case you want to rob a bank.

Invest in a lovely travelling companion – a cashmere scarf. Not only will it look classy, it is instant warmth on the neck, the knees and rolls into a soft little pillow for your neck when dozing off – and you will.


Pack a fold up brolly and a lightweight raincoat/anorak/parker.


Perhaps go for elasticised waist pants – comfy for long haul and a couple of extra kilos picked up while on the road.


One suitcase for each person in the luggage hold – you can carry the rest of your stuff in a backpack, but make it a classy one, not some floppy plastic giveaway that you’ve kept for such an occasion. For the gals, slip in a little clutch bag to carry out at night if you’re feeling fancy.


A backpack is all you’ll need for your iPad or Kindle for reading material and emails, Facebook or Instagram. Your smart phone is your travel business centre, it takes photos, is a location spotter, translates, and has the good apps that will make life easier. Download your bank’s app so you can see where the money is going while you are holidaying. Also check out that there is free Wi-Fi at your destinations.


Carry your own water bottle and say NO to plastic bottles.


Pack hand sanitizer, and wipes to keep germs at bay.


Carry face masks – just in case and some lip balm as air-conditioning will ruin your pucker-up.


Carry medication and prescriptions in the handy backpack.

Wanderlust Australia Tours

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

– Marcel Proust

Wanderlust Australia Tours

Oh… and another thing… post your best pics – and be careful to censor for crappy, uninteresting, blurry shots on Facebook or Instagram for your friends and family. Thank goodness that people at home do not have to suffer the holiday slide night ordeal any more.

The essential thing to take with you on any trip is an open mind. With that and your sense of humour and curious mind in your pocket, it’s sure to be a trip to remember.


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